Tyler Trowbridge

Web Development, Web Design, Social Media Professional, Search Engine Optimization, Honour Student, All-In-One

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About Me

/Who Am I


I am a self-taught web designer and developer based in Langley, British Columbia. I am a carpenter for the web; at the end of the day I lean back from my monitor and gaze at my creation. Currently in grade twelve, I am nearing the end of my high school career and ready to move forward. After university I am going to pursue a career in what I love, web development.


4 years of learning
13 projects completed
975 hours of work
362 cups of coffee


/What I do

Empowering the latest technologies, I build websites that focus on creating the best user experience for your customers. Together we create a completely unique product that will be relevant for years to come. My work competes with anything that a large firm or agency could provide. Everything I build is fully compatible on any mobile device.

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Here is my latest work. Every site I build is unique to itself. Many of these websites have other work behind the scenes like Google Adwords, Analytics, SEO, and CMS.


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